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We reveal the biggest card trick secrets of the pros with easy step-by-step tutorials. From misdirection sleight-of-hand techniques to advanced shuffles and flourishes, card handling abilities are an essential skill any great magician must possess. Learn simple tricks beginners can master in just minutes or expert level
Learn card magic tricks from our free, quick & easy tutorials. Featuring over 200 card tricks for all levels, including free video tutorials., .
21 Sep 2016 Take any 15 cards from a regular deck. Choose one of the piles, keeping the cards facedown, and shuffle them. Pick a different pile of five cards and shuffle them, keeping them facedown. Place the cards in your right hand on top of your pile, the pile in front of you.

Before performing the trick in front of anyone, practice it a few times. Then perform before a completely trusted person, swearing them to respect your need and right to total secrecy. Make sure you say the instructions clearly so they know what to do. This is so quick that you need more than just this one trick, or people may
This trick is surprisingly easy and once you learn it, you'll dazzle your friends as a playing card floats from one hand to the other. For this card trick, you'll . Follow the instructions and you can make your own gimmicked deck that you can carry around with you to perform this stunner anywhere you go. 12 of 16. Deal a Royal
Method 5. Perfecting "Pick a Card, Any Card" Fan out a deck of cards while holding them face-down. to Do Easy Card Tricks. to Do Easy Card Tricks. to Do Easy Card Tricks. Look at the bottom card of the right-hand half of the deck very briefly. to Do Easy Card Tricks. to Do Easy Card Tricks. to Do Easy Card Tricks.
I learned this card trick from my uncle. It's really simple but will still amaze the person you are showing it to, however if the person asks you to show the trick to them again DON'T!!!!! The reason for this is that they may find out what the trick is. Step 1: Shuffle the Deck. I know that this is sounds really simple but it is the most
6 Jul 2016
Kids love to watch a magician at work! And now they can master how to do their very own magic with these easy card tricks.