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ALL Products > Waveguide Component > Waveguide Antenna > Frequency (1.70GHz-6.00GHz) > WR510 (1.45-2.20GHz)
to connect different size waveguide components in a minimum of WR-510. UG-1717/U. W. 7.0-11.0. WR-102. UG-1493/U*. LA. 1.70 - 2.60. WR-430. UG-4378/
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welcome to vector telecom - a global supplier of microwave components, assemblies and antenna systems. WR510 Waveguide High Power Termination.
ALL Products > Waveguide Component > Waveguide Circulator Isolator RFWC510A, Waveguide Circulator, WR510, 1.45 ~ 2.2, full, 0.5, 18, 800, 1.3, N/A
Get details on the waveguide sizes for Rectangular Waveguides, Double Rigid WR510, WG7, R18, 1.45 to 2.20 GHz, 1.157 GHz, 2.314 GHz, 5.1 [129.54], 2.55
Ka-Band Waveguide Components Menu. Waveguide Flange Types - EIA and IEC Standard Flanges WR510, WG 7, 1.45 - 2.20, CPR510G, - 1, Dwg.
Double Ridge Waveguide Terminations are also available. We offer a complete WR510, 1.45-2.20, 1.02, 25, 25, 510-720A-2, 12.50, Dwg. WR430, 1.70-2.60
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