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User instructions. BOD LDO® Probe: Model LBOD10101. Safety Information. Read all labels and tags attached to the instrument. Personal injury or damage to the Note: For return for recycling, please contact the equipment producer or supplier for instructions on how to return See the HQd user manual for instructions.
The LDO sensor can be operated using the sc100 controller and the sc1000 controller. Refer to Operation on page 15 and sc1000 Operation on page 25 for more information. Optional equipment, such as mounting hardware for the sensor, is supplied with an instruction sheet for all user installation tasks. Several mounting
The HACH LDO sensor is coated with a luminescent material. Blue light from an LED is transmitted to the sensor surface. The blue light excites the luminescent material. As the material relaxes it emits red light. The time it takes for the red light to be emitted is measured. Between the flashes of blue light, a red LED is flashed
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