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NB : search on dota dictionary if you doesn't know what is ganker/carry. Capabilities : Have a great damage due to ultimate skill; Easy to use(Most of traxex's skill is passive). Weakness : HP is too low; Usually targeted by enemy's Nuker. Skills 1. Frost Arrow : Induces a freezing effect to the hero's attacks. Each attack slows
DotA-Blog: Traxex Guide & Build | The Drow Ranger Strategy. As you said in your guide, levels 1-7 are only meant to harass, last hit and deny, which explains my choice of trueshot aura instead of frost/silence. Then i take 2 .. kelangan nang cheat gold9999999 para dun sa divine mahal kasi tsaka meron pang recipe??
8 Aug 2009 Traxex, the Drow Ranger. By Rikimaru the Assassin. Introduction. Traxex is known as a death sealer. Once her team marks a target, ganking will be pure success, with the spells the Drow Ranger has in her arsenal. Coupled with her powerful possible damage output, she can be one of the best killers
8 Dec 2010
9 Mar 2012 Traxex Item Build 1. Circlet of Nobility, 2 set of Tangos, Animal Courier 2. Slipper of Agility (from the side shop) 3. Finish Wraith Band x 2 4. Boots of Speed 5. Finish Power Tread 6. Yasha, Kelen's Dagger or lothar edge. Drow Ranger core item should be like this: 2 Wraith Bands will increase her health and
20 Dec 2011 Guide To Drow Ranger. Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Skills III. Skill Build IV. Starting Items V. Core Build VI. Situational & Luxury Items VII. Rejected Excelling in one-on-one combat, Drow's power grows significantly as the game progresses; that is not to say, however, that Drow is weak early-game.
Justification of Item Build: The core items Lothar and Butterfly are there in order to aid in 2 things that Drow needs 1. Agility and attack speed, and 2. Survivability. Lothars is good for avoiding ganks and when people decide to attack you in a team battle. Butterfly is essential for the 25% evasion and Agility (which is increased
Bahkan di early game skalipun km butuh banyak damage.sebenarnya dgn level 1 frost arrow dgn level 4 trueshot aura lebih mudah bagi traxex mendapatkan 'First Blood' drpd level 4 frost arrow dan level 1 true shot. Markmanship : HARUS ngambil skill ini kapanpun udah bs diambil, lebih banyak agility lebih banyak
Skill aktif slow traxex yang merupakan orb walker. Durasinya 1,5 detik untuk hero dan 7 detik untuk creep. Mana cost 12. Cooldown 0. Slow MS per level 11% / 24% / 37% / 60%. Silence. Melarang musuh untuk menggunakan spell-spellnya. berguna banget saat war. Durasi per level 3 / 4 / 5 / 6. Mana cost 90. Cooldown 13.