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INSTRUCTION ANUAi. For safe operation methods and maximum perfonnance options, please read these instructions carefully and thoroughly before assembling your Fliton "Extra 330 Mini. " Please consult a professional if necessary. I. 0.0 Fli'liOl'l tothe nextlevel
I thought it would be good for someone considering buying this plane, or just starting building it to have a thread dedicated to the building and modifications to Fliton Extra 330 Mini. Especially because the manual is largely incomplete. And to have the build all in one place, without having to read through the
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23 Dec 2014 Fliton mini extra 330 manual download free sphere competition manual desktop computer comparison buyers guide. Fliton Mini Extra 330S-2. Features: Step-by-Step Manual. Custom Decals. Fiber Glass Landing Gear. FRP Wheel Pants. Duralumin Linkage Horn. Main Wing. primo volo di collaudo del fliton
Again nothing in the instructions about this mount or using a glow engine at all. Would love to know more. Also there is concern about the metal on metal of the control horns with the rods. I have seen very small amounts of metal to metal cause big problems. I have left e-mail and even called Fliton on these
Assembly Manual / Airframe – 61” Extra 330 LT. Thank you for purchasing this 3DHobbyShop by Extreme Flight ARF RC aircraft. If you have any issues, questions, concerns or problems during assembly, please contact our tech department at: or 770-887-1794 10am-5pm Eastern Monday thru.
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Fliton Extra 330 Mini Build Threads - Electrics. I picked up a Fliton Extra 330 Mini last week and fully intended to do a build thread on it. I got in the first few hours and There was a few parts that were not shown on the manual at all, like a 1 foot length of carbon rod and small ply squares. Not a biggie for