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3 days ago We've hand-picked the 10 best CPUs to get your PC rolling around at the speed of sound. Best processors 2017: top CPUs for your PC But, don't fret, we've taken the time to publish a guide to all of the best CPUs you can buy today, and even if Coffee Lake CPUs are a little difficult to find right now,
15 Mar 2017 The first specification listed for all computer systems on the market tends to be the processor that is the heart of the computer. Typically it will say the brand, model, and speed rating. Clock rates may be posted but this isn't a good indicator of performance anymore as different product models don't
7 Nov 2017 In this buying guide, we tell you what to look for in a laptop. CPU: The "brains" of your computer, the processor has a huge influence on performance, but depending on what you want to do, even the Among SSDs, the newer PCIe x4 (aka NVME) units offer triple the speed of traditional SATA drives.
10 Oct 2015 This misconception exists because with the dawn of the 21st century processor clock speeds and core counts actually did matter a lot. If you're buying a computer as a one-time purchase, with no intent to make extreme upgrades, AMD may be the better choice for you, especially if you're shopping in the
Choosing a new laptop is a lot harder than it should be. Every major brand has multiple product lines with overlapping prices and features, and every description is filled with jargon about processors, types of storage, graphics capabilities, screen resolutions and a laundry list of ports and connections. And don't even get me
8 Jan 2016 Understand how CPU model numbers and specs (cores, cache, and clock speed) relate to performance when making a desktop processor comparison in 2016.
27 Jan 2010 All-purpose and desktop-replacement laptops offer both dual-core and quad-core CPUs in a range of speeds. Intel's Core i3 and Core i5 CPUs are excellent for most users; only people who truly need a quad-core CPU (for encoding video, playing games, or running engineering applications, for example)
Buying Guide. How to Buy the Right Performance Desktop. Bookmark and Share Look for a processor that the manufacturer has overclocked (pushed to a higher speed rate), or one with an unlocked multiplier so you can tweak it to your own specifications. You might need to pay more attention to cooling with overclocked
8 Feb 2016 ROUNDUP: Whether you're building or buying a desktop PC, the CPU is one of the thorniest parts to pick. 2016 Guide: The Best Processors from Intel and AMD. Whether Many processors nowadays, for example, can temporarily speed up a subset of their cores on the fly if thermal conditions allow for it.
26 Dec 2016 Before you buy a computer, know how much RAM you need | Source: Just as the number of processor cores in a computer affects its speed and ability to multitask, the amount of Random Access Memory, or RAM, in a computer can affect just how much multitasking it can handle and how fast it