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Yellow cannons were extremely good at protecting the system from huge waves of bots. You had to build purple cannons when the bosses started appearing in huge groups. They were the perfect anti-boss weapons. When upgrading, you had to upgrade one cannon fully before upgrading the next. It was recommended to
13 Jan 2011
System Defender is a Tower Defense-style mini-game that is playable in the. It is set in the EPF Once most of the U-turns and corners are filled with red cannons, build yellow cannons separated evenly by each other. Build multiple groups of yellow cannons clustered in groups of 2-6. Yellow cannons are extremely good
Herbert has returned to Club Penguin! There's a new level of System Defender where you try to stop wave after wave of robots that Herbert has sent to attack the.
10 Aug 2017
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26 Aug 2011
14 Jan 2011
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