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Find great deals on eBay for Chevy 5 Speed Transmission in Complete Manual Transmissions. Chevy 1500 5 Speed Transmission Transfer Case Good used borg warner t5 manual transmission. from my personal vehicle i drove till decided to do a v8 swap. from 91 s10 with 2.8 v6. has 124,000 miles.14 spline input
Hi all, I am new to the group. I discovered you all when I was researching info on the following question. I have a 2005 1500 ext cab 4x4 with the mighty (ehem) 4.8L . I plan on throwing a few power upgrades at my truck down the road, but for now as I really don't haul much with it the power is sufficient.
find great deals on ebay for chevy silverado 1500 manual transmission and chevy silverado 1500 manual tranny manual transmission swap your high performance vehicle requires a more dependable and strong 5 speed manual transmission prices chevy silverado 5 speed manual transmission redesign and chevy
I am considering buying a Silverado 1500 4x4. The only problem is that I have not been able to find and acceptable truck with a manual transmission. How hard is it to do a swap? Is there a bolt-in kit available? Will a tranny swap present a problem with the computer? Are some years easier to deal with than others? Thanks,.
1 Sep 1999 There are other aftermarket manual trans options available for the early Chevy crowd that won't cost more than the down payment on a new car and are much easier to complete. One such swap involves installing a Richmond four-, five-, or even six-speed manual transmission. The Richmond gearboxes
12 Oct 2012
manual transmission (used prices vary) driveshaft (manual tranny specific) (Z- $195 used) master/slave cylinders (BZ-$96.71; $48.63) lines needed between manual and slave cylinders linkage parts (specifics anyone?) clutch pedal/new pedal cluster shift knob/shifter clutch kit (includes what? there are two
16 May 2011 hi im new to this site so sorry if my forum manners are bad, but i just recently blew up my stock transmission and have been looking at prices for a built transmission. i was talking to a friend and he suggested switching to a manual transmission and this has really caught my interest. what i am asking is if
ok, chevy in those years installed in almost all 1500 series an nv 3500 5 speed tranny, they were ok for normal use but will not take alot of abuse. its of changing gears and done a complete changeover to a 700 r4. the nv4500 trannys are hard to find most of the time and cost a prenny penny when you do
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