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Player rated Vi guide created by LoL Fans. Players guide you in all aspects of playing Vi from beginning to end game.
5 Apr 2016 jungle routes, champion picks, win conditions and general tips. INTRODUCTION TO LEAGUE OF LEGENDS JUNGLE GUIDE. In this guide, I will expand your knowledge with popular jungle picks, ganking theory, counter-ganking, and how to balance it all while jungling.
So it's a mini-guide / VOD review of one of my precedent game, Of course it is High plat very low diamond level (mmr wise). I explain in all sort of ways, how to effectively track your enemy jungler and to read the map ( the room hahaha very funny joke.. ). For exemple when you have pushing lanes and you
Player rated Skarner guide created by LoL Fans. Players guide you in all aspects of playing Skarner from beginning to end game.
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I really like jungle Taliyah, because just like Ezreal, I think it fits her thematic better. It's also very fun to play and sometimes the reactions of the enemies when they get stomped by a Taliyah jungle is really funny. Runes used: Masteries used: Build: Notice: I usually go CDR boots instead, but decided to build
Welcome to the Pro Builds. is a quick guides tool for League of Legends players. Its primary function is to provide the League of legends community easy access to Professional Player's builds across all regions. Pro History ( Last 10 Games Played ). All Roles, Top, Jungle, Middle, ADC, Support. All Regions
MIKE YEUNG. "If you want to watch a guide and actually learn from it, this is the place to go. ProGuides was enjoyable to work with, and the guides look so nice." Bunnyfufuu's Taric Guide. BUNNY FUFUU · 22 Nov. The Jungle - Neutral Objectives. MIKEYEUNG · 21 Nov. Patch 7.23 Rundown.
Jungle Item builds, Masteries and Rune Pages for the TOP 3 Strongest Jungle Champion in this Patch. A Jungle guide for the top 3 champion within in the current meta. TOP 3 JUNGLE BUILDS is a jungle guide of the Best LoL Jungle Champions for the Solo Queue/Dynamic Queue Ranked Mode.